Forever Means... Forever

CHHS ShelterDogIn my years serving at the helm of Humane Societies here and in Florida, I have heard every imaginable reason why pet owners surrender their companion animals to a shelter. Barks too much. Chews too much. Costs too much. Sick too much. Won’t use the litter box. Too many animals already. Cute as a puppy/kitten, then got big. Allergic… all of a sudden. Getting married. New baby. Getting divorced.

And literally a hundred more. I've heard them all (I hope), including the most outrageous of them all – “We've recently remodeled and the dog no longer fits the decor." True story.

Please don't get me wrong – for those who have exhausted every possible alternative to keep their pet, trying to re-home their cat or dog with family or friends, and then considering CHHS the absolute last resort – my heart goes out to them! I commiserate with anyone who has no other hope, and looks to us to save their pet. At least those folks bring their furry friend to our no-kill shelter, instead of abandoning a beloved member of the family out onto the streets, into the woods, or worse.

A beloved member of the family.

That's what animal lovers consider our four-legged companions to be. So when I hear statements like, "I'm moving to a new home, and they don't allow pets," or... "I've got a new job and I don't have time for my pet"... What if you replaced the word "pet" with "child"? After all, that's what a companion animal is – an innocent child, freely giving of unconditional love, yet asking for so little in return. They trust their human guardian to make a lifetime commitment.

It's not that much to ask.

Are you ready and able to make a commitment for a lifetime of unconditional love and loyal companionship? Our shelter pets are.

Because in their hearts, forever means… forever.

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