Thinking of the Unthinkable

Should the unthinkable happen and you pass away leaving pets behind, what will happen to your beloved canine and feline companions? Have you made arrangements with who will be their guardian?

This blog is normally filled with "pawsitive" news and stories of the joy, devotion and affection from our four-legged friends. And rightly so. After all, I remind folks all the time, CHHS is a happy place. As a no-kill shelter, we celebrate life and deliver unconditional love. We have saved nearly three times as many lives, and found nearly three times as many forever homes, when compared to just two years ago.

So please don't think of this subject matter as "sad". And it certainly should not be considered "unthinkable". The fact of the matter is, everyone should have a will. Everyone. Old or young, ill or in good health, rich or poor. Because in the absence of a will, others (including the government) will make decisions regarding what – and who – you have left behind.

And that includes children. I use "children" in this context because countless people tell me every day that their cherished companion animal is considered a member of the family. I couldn't agree more. So wouldn't you want to know – and choose – who is going to take care of your kids should you pass away before them?

Cheyanne colorCheyanne is one such family member. A gentle and quiet three-year-old female Terrier mix, Cheyanne's human companion left this earth in May. The daughter of Cheyanne's owner tried to re-home this sweet young girl with friends and family, but no one was able to take in another canine.

So Cheyanne was brought to CHHS for safe refuge, compassionate care, and love and socialization which she has received in multitudes for the past two months.

Several people I know have stipulated in their will that CHHS is to be the guardian of their beloved pet should the owner pass away first. We are extremely honored, moved and deeply touched by this responsibility, and consider it a sacred trust to provide safe sanctuary, and find a new forever home, for the furry family member left behind. After all, it is what we do, each and every single day.

For the sake of everyone in your life, please prepare a will. If no other friend or family member is able to be the guardian of your pets, please consider naming CHHS. We pledge to give the highest level of compassionate care, and something more -- because of our successful adoption programs, we provide companion animals with what they need the most... companionship.

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