CHHS Clyde BeforeOne of the most heartbreaking rescues we did in 2017 was the discovery of a terrified and abused two-year-old Terrier found abandoned and left for dead in an empty home in Tuckasegee. The landlord discovered this severely neglected dog last August and brought Clyde to our no-kill shelter. In the subsequent months we were able to gain Clyde's trust and pamper him with daily love and affection, much-needed veterinary care, nutritious meals and warm, soft baths and gentle grooming. But even after several months Clyde was still understandably shy and timid, given the horrific conditions that he remembered from his past. 

When it feels sometimes that we want to give up on humanity after we see the worst that people can do to the animals who trust them and love them unconditionally, along comes another person who restores our faith and reminds us that there is an Adopting Angel for every shelter pet entrusted to our care.

For Clyde, that angel is a wonderful lady named Penny who opened her heart and home this month for the sweet Terrier we have had the blessing to love for the past 175 days. Penny, an art teacher in our local school system, sent us a card last week with an update on how Clyde was doing and to our delight, she also sketched a hand-drawn picture of Clyde on the front cover of the card. Her words are below:

CHHS Clyde After Sketch"Dear Staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help in my adoption of precious Clyde (now called Pablo)! I love him more than I can say and I am treasuring every happy moment as we look forward to a future of bliss together!! Know that all your love and care means the world to all of us whose lives are brighter because of adoption. Love, Penny & Pablo"

Thank you, Penny, and thank you Clyde/Pablo for a cherished reminder of why we do what we do. And for everyone reading this, thank you for your support which has made our lifesaving work for the past 31 years possible! 


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